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At Mundella, we use Building Learning Power in all aspects of our daily life.
There are 4 key Rs:


Plan our learning in advance

Revise and adapt along the way

Think how learning could be used in different settings

Be able to talk about what WE have learned from others

Know ourselves as a developing learner

When you use this learning muscle you……

        Plan the steps you might take

        are flexible in your learning

        can talk about how learning works for you

        know your strengths and weaknesses as a learner


Ask good questions

Make links to what we already know

Have an active imagination

Use reasoning – show our working

Use resources in our environment

 When you use this learning muscle you……

        often wonder what, why, and how?

        connect new ideas to how you think and feel already

        create logical arguments

        Use all things in the classroom to help you learn


Interacting with others

Collaborate, be willing to share and work as a team

Be a good listener and empathise – get inside others minds

Imitate good learners and good learning

 When you use this learning muscle you……

        make informed choices about working on your own or with others

        respect other people’s points of view

         manage feeling when working with others

        are ready to learn from others


Be absorbed, pay attention

Reduce distraction

Really notice things

Persevere & stick at it to the end

When you use this learning muscle you……

       are aware of possible sources of distraction

        purposefully try to minimize distractions

        know what conditions help you learn

        settle back into learning quickly after an interruption