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Reading at Mundella

Children at Foundation/Key Stage 1 are taught phonics daily through a systematic progressive approach (Letters and Sounds) and encouraged to apply the skills they learn to all reading and writing activities. The children are taught through the Synthetic phonics approach. Cued articulation is used to help learners who have a Speech and Language difficulty and those who learn kinaesthetically; and the Letterland pictures are used to help the visual learners.

Children are introduced to a full range of texts through shared reading in whole class activities as well as reading texts of different genres in daily guided reading sessions.

Children develop their reading by choosing books from the baskets of banded books which provide the children with a variety of fiction and non fiction texts. The selection of books is made up from a range of Reading Schemes – including:

The PM range

Rigby Rockets

Oxford Reading Tree

Tree Tops

Project X

Careful records are kept and running records are carried out regularly to ensure progression.

Once children have completed the book banded levels and assessment demonstrates good comprehension skills, the children choose their own books from the library.