If you have any concerns about anything at school, you can always speak to Mr Smith, your child's class teacher or any other members of staff. 

Alternatively, you can speak to one of the school Governors. They can be contacted by e-mail or by leaving a letter or note at the school office. 
Please do not hesitate to do so.

Attached at the bottom of this page in the documents:
  • Governor Attendance Data
  • Register of Pecuniary Interests.

Please note: Governor Attendance Data will be updated at the end of each academic year.

Meet the Governors

Paul Hirst - Chair of Governing Body

Parent Governor

I am a parent governor and I live close to school with my wife and son. I have been an active participant in school life since my child joined Mundella in 2016 as I want to see the school and its pupils achieve all that is possible. As part of Friends of Mundella, I helped to raise extra funds to improve children’s experience of school which has been particularly rewarding for me and something that I would encourage everyone to support.

As a Civil Servant at the Department for Education I bring experience of the education sector to my role as a governor. I am a qualified project manager and have worked in both the private and public sector; my current responsibilities are around data collection and data management which is increasingly important to schools, parents and other stakeholders.

Chris Stokes - Vice-Chair of Governing Body

Parent Governor since 2018

Attendance Governor, KS1 Link Governor and Science Curriculum Link.

Has voting rights : Yes

I am a Parent Governor since autumn 2018 (with two children currently attending) and I committed to supporting Mundella in its mission to be school which promotes respect and healthy living where everyone feels valued and able to reach their full potential. I have experience of governance from outside Mundella, where I have been Chair of Governors of an 'Outstanding' primary school in Barnsley since 2015. I am a Professor of Dental Education at the University of Sheffield where one of my main area of interest is in improving the learning experience for university students, and I am particularly interested in supporting applications to healthcare subjects and raising aspirations for study at University for students who may not otherwise think it possible. 

Kelly Davidge – Local Authority Governing Body

Local Authority Co-opted Governor March 2018

Foundation Stage and PE Curriculum Link

Has voting rights: Yes

I joined as a governor in 2018. I have lived in Sheffield for over 10 years, having moved to the city to study for a PhD at the University of Sheffield, where I currently work. My background is in science, and I am passionate about engaging young people in the world around them. I believe that every child deserves a top class education, regardless of who they are or where they live. As part of the team, I am looking forward to playing a role in improving young people’s lives through their education.

Michelle Phelan - Member of Governing Body

Elected by parents June 2013

Co-opted by Governing Body March 2015

Chair of Curriculum Standards and Staffing Committee. Data, Policies and RE Curriculum link governor. Safeguarding governor. 

Has voting rights: Yes

I was elected as a Parent Governor in June 2013 and have since become a co-opted governor. I strongly believe that a good education should be the right of every child, as it can define their future, at such an early stage. I strive to work as part of the team at Mundella to provide the best possible provision for all of our children.

Lisa Arnott - Member of Governing Body

Co-opted Governor since December 2016.

Has voting rights : Yes

My background is in learning and development, and I have spent most of my career as a learning professional in the corporate sector.  I am currently a Change Consultant at Aviva and bring positive challenge; coaching and a passion for development to the governor role. I moved to Sheffield in 1997 to attend university and loved the city so much I've been here ever since!  I love the great sense of community,  especially here in Norton Lees where I live with my partner and our daughter who currently attends Mundella.

I understand the importance of our children getting the best possible opportunities from an early age.  Since my daughter started at Mundella, I have been impressed by the obvious care and commitment the school shows towards the children and their families.  To see and hear the enthusiasm the pupils have for school and leave is fantastic, and I feel privileged to be part of ensuring that continues.

Sharon Barnsley - Member of Governing Body

Co-opted Governor 2007

Member of the curriculum, standards and staffing committee
Member of the finance, premises and H&S committee

Has voting rights : Yes

My name is Sharon Barnsley , my role on the governing body started as a non-teaching government but now I am a co-opted governor. I have a long association with Mundella School, my father came here as a child ,as did I and my son. I have been a member of staff here since 2001 so Mundella, its children , values and ethos are very close to my heart. As part of the governing body I feel that I bring my experience as a member of staff but also the experience of being a parent of a child who has experienced all that Mundella has to offer.

Clare Chapman - Member of Governing Body

Appointed September 2019

Register of interests: Work at Department for Education

Has voting rights : Yes

Rebecca White - Member of Governing Body

Appointed September 2018

Register of interests: Currently two children and other close family attending Mundella.

Has voting rights : Yes

Karen Rotherham - Member of Governing Body

Co-opted governor since March 2020.

Chair of the finance, premises and H&S committee.

Has voting rights: Yes

I worked in school admin for 23 years, many of which were as the School Business Manager at Mundella. I retired in 2018 and I am delighted to be back as part of the ‘Mundella family’.

I am proud to be a governor and am highly committed to ensuring that our pupils are given the best possible standards of education and support to enable them to reach their full potential. I would like particularly to bring my expertise in school finance to the governor team and seek to work collaboratively with governors and school leaders to ensure that the school’s resources are used effectively to give the best outcomes for all Mundella children.

Anne Tonge,
13 Jan 2020, 05:48