Class Twitter

All of our classes now have Twitter!

Here is the link to our Mundella School Twitter Page: @MundellaSchool  

Class teachers will tweet regularly with updates on children's learning within school, as well as information on exciting events that are happening within school.

Please see the information below for each class's Twitter account. Click on the link to take to you straight to each Twitter page. 

Reception Rockets - @MundellaRockets 
Reception Sparklers - @MundellaSparklers

Y1 Marvels - @MundellaMarvels
Y1 Rockstars - @Mundellastars1

Y2 Planets @MundellaPlanets
Y2 Wizards - @MundellaWizards 

Y3 Phoenixes - @Y3Phoenixes
Y3 Kings - @MundellaKings

Y4 Foxes - @MundellaFoxes
Y4 Flamingos - @MundellaFlamingos

Y5 Firebirds - @FirebirdsY5
Y5 Jaguars - @Y5Jaguars

Y6 Bears- @MundellaBears
Y6 Bats@MundellaBats

Mundella School Sport Twitter - @MundellaSport 

Mundella Nurture Group Twitter - @MundellaNurture