Sport Competitions


We are now using our @MundellaSport twitter page to share all information regarding sports competitions the children have attended and any results of these competitions!

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Cycle Speedway Jun 18

What a sunny, dusty and fun event for the children, a few spills off of the bikes but no major crashes.

Athletics City Finals Jun 18

What a fabulous event for Mundella, we now have 4 City Champions, Anaiah 80m sprint and long Jump, Joshua in Long jump and Issy in the 600m run, also Imogen in the 600m Walk. what a tremendous effort by all.


We took a group of very enthusiastic children to play mini golf, with lots of chipping, putting and running to fetch balls, with adding up the points on each event we got through to the South Yorks Sports Summer Finals so we can do it all over again.

City Hall performance Jun 18

The Gym and Cheerleading squad performed magnificently to the Lord Mayor and a big crowd in front of the City Hall, a few nerves were there but great performances by all.

Cricket Y3/4 May 18

The girls and boys were out at Hollinsend CC on a chilly day. After a slow start they picked up the flow of the game and didn't lose another game, well played to all. 

Athletics May 18

We entered quite a team for this competition, its run over 5 evenings and afternoons with the top 5 children from each event qualifying,  7 Children either won or placed to qualify for the Sheffield City Finals.

Tri Golf May 18

A new sport for us to compete in, not quite the Open but the kids really enjoyed it and came a fabulous 2nd, qualifying for the South Yorks Sport school Games along with the Orienteerers

Orienteering May 18We entered a massive 8 teams of boys and girls, Y3-6, which was an amazing 32 children, they all ran very fast and the Y3/4 and Y5/6 Girls team placing so qualifying for the Summer South Yorks Sport School Games/

Gymnastics National Finals May 18

The boys spent their Bank holiday Saturday at Stoke perfoming to very strict judging, they were a very respectful 7th in the country, with the results very close. 

Hockey Y3/4 May

What a busy month May is becoming, we took the Hockey teams to Abbeydale and one team made it to the Semi finals with all players learning new skills and tactics.

Tennis Y3/4 May 18

We entered 2 mixed teams, we playe at Hallam Tennis club and  learnt a lot of skills and tips for the game, finishing runners up and 3rd in our groups.

Girls Football Apr 18

The girls had 2 teams, Y3/4 and Y5/6 at St Georges park Festival and both teams were fabulous, winning all of their games in awful rain all afternoon , much perseverance was needed.

Basketball Apr

Y4s entered a BB comp and even with a few injuries they had some great games and came a fantastic runners up

FootballY4/5 Mar 18

As the weather was getting better the football restarted and we had some games v Dobcroft, Greenhill, Bradway and Woodseats, we had some wins losses and draws with both teams

Cheerleading Mar 18

We had a huge 17 in our cheerleading team this year, with lots of crazy dance , cheer and gymnastics thrown together, they performed brilliantly and qualified for the South Yorks Sport finals a week later.

Gymnastics Key Steps Feb 18

We had a great time at Ponds Forge, entering 4 teams of mixed abikities , advanced and beginners. The Y3/4 advanced team won to qualify for the South Yorks Sport school games winter finals in March where they had a great time.

Table Tennis Feb 18

We entered 4 teams in the Feb competition and really enjoyed ourselves meeting Olympic SEND table tennis players.

January 2018 

This year, we introduced Y6 Sports Leaders into Mundella. Children from Y6 have been picked to take on this role. Each house at Mundella has 4 Sports Leaders, making 16 children in total. These children take it in turns to organise a sports competition during lunchtimes at school. The role had many different elements: picking at team from their house across all year groups; ensuring all children take part in an event throughout the year; training and organising tactics; communicating with staff; ensuring their team are available on match day; and coaching during the competition. We have also assigned two of our Y6 children to become Sports Reporters. These children create reports based on the games.

Mundella Sports Leaders Competition: Football Match Reports by Ethan and Millie  

Reds vs Blues: As soon as Mrs Barwell blows the whistle, Joshua from blue team takes a shot but unfortunately misses. Goalie’s ball for Red team’s keeper Morgan. He kicks it out and Anaiah (Blue’s keeper) spectacularly saves it. Red team’s Harry takes a wild shot from the other side but misses, unlucky Harry. Out of nowhere, Blue team’s Seb has a shot but unfortunately misses. Morgan saves again. Joshua A takes yet another shot. Could this be his one? Yes, the score is now 1-0 to Blue. Then straight away, when no one is looking, Red team put one in. Now the score is 1-1. Anaiah saves an extremely close goal from the Reds. More than half way through the tense game and Blue team score! A few moments later, score once again. Unfortunately, the referee calls a no goal for blues. The whistle blows, with the score of 3-1 to blue team.

Green vs Yellow: Our second match today, and it starting with a magnificent goal from Charlie (Green team), however moments later there was a no goal for Greens. After that unfortunate no goal, Green take it back and are in main possession of the ball. The Yellow team try to take it back and have an especially passionate tackle from Harry. Only seconds later, Green score another amazing goal, the score is now 2-0 to Green with an unlucky start from Yellow. Will they redeem themselves? Yellow shoot and unfortunately miss. Only moments later Green score once again. Unfortunately, Harry blocks a goal from his own team and do not score. A penalty for yellow, but they unfortunately miss. The final score is 7-0 to green.

Blues vs Greens: Here we are another game for Blues this time against the Greens. The whistle has blown and straight away Blues are getting stuck in. They try to score but unfortunately miss. Its keeper’s ball at exactly at one minute. Blue has another shot however they miss and what a save from Greens keeper. Then straight after that, Green’s score! They have another go, but no luck as Seb makes a spectacular save. Greens have yet another shot and this time they score! The final score is 3-0 to Greens. The best players from this match are Charlie and Anaiah.

SUFC Football Jan18

We entered a tournament at SUFC and the boys played fantastically and reached the semi-finals, well done

Table Tennis Nov and Dec 

We entered 4 teams of mixed years, girls and boys at the EIS , some good games and much experience gained, we eventually came runners up. In Dec comp we improved our skills and wwon this .

Indoor Athletics Nov 17-Jan 18

We took a team of 10 boys and 10 girls to our local Secondary Newfield and beat the other local schools to go through to the next round, after that we then qualified for the City finals in Jan where we came 5th, well done all. 

Sheffield Federation School Sports Awards Nov 17

Mundella Primary were awarded the Sheffield Schools Primary Award for the amount of dedication, participation and overall greatness sporting ability of our children and the staff who do everything. This is a very prestigious event which is extremeley hard to win. A great Day for Mundellas children, with special mention to the National winning boys and mixed teams.

Gymnastics Nov 17

 We entered 2 girls a boys and 3 mixed teams, the boys and one of the mixed teams won and got through to the National finals, with Issy  and Reuben winning individual cups for top primary boy and girl, fabulous.

Football Oct 2017-Jan 18

The boys and girls had a cup tournament each with both teams performing brilliantly, the girls won and qualified to the Sheffield finals in Dec.

The boys had some great league matches for both the A and B teams, winning, drawing and losing some.

September 2017 
Mundella Primary are awarded the School Games Gold Mark for the second year in a row, this award notes the engagement in school games/PE and the competitive opportunities given to children. Showing active links with other sporting communities.

What a fantastic Sporting year we have had at Mundella Primary!!

We became National Champions at Gymnastics in 2 different School Gymnastics competitions. 
the 1st was the Team Milano Trio competition, winning the boys and mixed Yorkshire event in Sheffield and going on to represent Yorkshire at the National finals in Stoke. The mixed team became runners up, with Jess R attaining top overall score and the boys team Beat all the other regions to become GB national winners. An Amazing effort by all.

We then went to compete at the Yorkshire floor and vault competition in Hull. The boys and mixed team won and went on to represent Yorkshire again in the F & V National Finals in Stoke. This time with even more competition the Mixed team exceeded themselves and won,  becoming GB National Winners. It is the 1st time in 17 years since a Yorkshire Primary team won at the Nationals, not sure how long since a Sheffield team won!!

We had a fabulous School games sports day at the EIS in Sheffield, with the whole school taking part in various field events and track events, the KS1 trophy was won by Graves House and the KS2 trophy was won by Mundella House

A snapshot of our other events include - Table Tennis event, taking 4 teams of boys ans girls - with Jess K winning this Yorks event in Sheffield and representing Yorkshire at the National Finals. 

In X-Country- Saturdays we had 2 sisters, Bobbie and Issy W who are so dedicated they ran every race (and some others attending v occasionally). Issy became the Y4 girls overall winner, winning nearly every race, she also won the Sheffield Y4 Girls open x-country race at Graves Park. 

In Athletics, after taking 20 children to the athletics 7 children reached the City finals and all either won or placed in their events. So Grace J became Sheffield champion at Race Walking.  

Sportshall Athletics-we won our cluster and then reached the city Finals, a great team effort. 

Cheerleading is a fairly new event, in which we enter a large mixed team, the boys think it’s great and we have reached the South Yorkshire Finals 3 years in a row, coming a very close runners up this year. 

A new sport for us this year was hockey with the Y4 group, again entering multiple mixed teams, the children loved it and reached the South Yorkshire Finals. 

The Y3/4 Gymnastics team won the Sheffield key steps heats and progressed to the SY Finals which they went on to Win, fabulous teamwork.

 We always enter the Sheffield swimming gala and were runners up in previous years but for the majority of the time finishing in one of the top 5 places in A Division for over 10 years. 

We have had multiple teams of Y3-6 entering and competing well in Tennis, cricket and orienteering. We also had this year Cycling speedway, thanks to Craig Malkin, a new one for us, cycling with no brakes! I was a bit apprehensive with this but it turned out ok and a few children have taken it up in their own time, which is what we want. We of course enter lots of football teams for boys and girls alike, always performing with vigor and determination.

Orienteering Summer 2016 Y4-6
We took part in an Orienteering competition, taking 2 teams of girls and 2 teams of boys. It was held at Westfield Sports College, which was a very large area to cover. The children were given an orienteering map and had to work in teams to go and collect information from the flag points and bring it back to the desk ready for the next team member to go. There were nearly 100 teams taking part and all of the children did extremely well. The boys teams came a very respectable 11th in their categories and the Y5/6 girls team came 5th, just missing out on getting to the South Yorkshire finals. The Y4 girls (Hetty, Eva, Hannah M, Jess) team came a fabulous 1st place, qualifying for the South Yorkshire Finals on Tuesday 28 June at Cannon Hall. Congratulations and Good luck for the finals

Gymnastics National Team Milano finals Stoke March 2016
We had a mixed team (Jess, Courtney, Dylan) and a boys team (Reuben, Oscar, Josh, Ethan)
competing in the Nationals representing Yorkshire. It was a very high standard with teams from all over the UK. Both teams performed excellently, the boys came 9th out of 16 teams and the mixed came 9th out of 19 teams. Jess R had the highest floor score,(14.46 out of 16) out of all the mixed competitors and joint top with 29.11 out of 30, a brilliant achievement for all. Well done all .

South Yorkshire Games Cheerleading and Key step Gymnastics March 2016
We took 20 children, boys and girls to the English Institute of Sport to take part in the South Yorkshire Games for Cheerleading and Gymnastics. We were against the top schools from Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster and Sheffield. There were hundreds of excited children taking part from both primary and secondary in a variety of sports. We marched around for the opening ceremony in the athletics arena with Izzy and Olivia leading the parade with the Sheffield flag. Jessica Ennis was also in the arena practising her athletics.
Our girls and boys competed extremely well in all our events. The Gymnasts from Y5/6 Foundation Team, Courtney, Frankie, Daisy, Olivia C and Olivia S came a brilliant 3rd place. The Y3/4 Advanced Team, Libby, Issy, Sylvi, Ava and Eva  came a fantastic 2nd  and the Y5/6 Advanced Team, Jess, Olivia, Izzy, Hannah and Sophie performed flawlessly, they came a marvellous 1st place, becoming South Yorkshire Champions for the 3rd year in a row.
The Cheerleaders then performed their routine in the afternoon and ended the day by gaining 3rd place, a wonderful day for all the children with everyone ending up with a medal.

Y5 Football Matches March 2016
The boys and girls have taken part in some friendlies and league matches, playing very well against some stiff opposition. They have been improving week by week, well done for great effort.

Girls Football February 2016
The girls played a mini league at Norton Free Primary and played 4 games against various schools. They put up a splendid performance in atrocious weather, with 3 draws and a win, so not losing a game all afternoon. Well done for showing good resilience girls.

Cheerleading February 2016
A group of 15 children, including 2 boys, took part in the Sheffield Cheerleading competition at Hinde House. There were 18 schools competing. A big Cheer to all of them for coming a fabulous 2nd overall. This means they have qualified for the South Yorkshire Games on Wed 9 March 2016 along with the Gymnasts. Fabulous.

Key Steps Gymnastics competition January 2016
We took 4 teams to Hillsborough Leisure Centre and competed against nearly 100 other teams. The Y3/4 Foundation team, Amy, James, Isobel, Miri and Arina came a wonderful
5/28 teams. The Y5/6 Foundation team Daisy, Frankie, Olivia, Olivia and Courtney came a brilliant 2/27 team. The Y5/6 Advanced team, Izzy Sophie, Olivia, Hannah and Jess and the Y3/4 Advanced team, Issy, Sylvi, Libby, Ava and Eva did a fantastic job and won their events. The Y5/6 teams and Y3/4 advanced team now qualifiy for the South Yorkshire Games. This will be held on March 9 At the EIS Sheffield.                                 

Indoor Athletics Sheffield Finals January 2016
What a magnificent performance from all the athletes, coming 4th overall in the whole of the city and well done Jess for standing in for a poorly Izzy. Each child put in 110% effort and was a credit to the school. With staff members from other schools commenting on what an amazing performance by Daisy Kriel Parr in one of her races. Well done everyone, I and the other staff members were very proud-Mrs Barwell

Indoor Athletics Westfield Cluster Round
22 Athletes took part in a team event following on from the previous round at Newfield, they were up against some tough schools in Mosborough, Monteney, Mansell, Parsons Cross and Ecclessall.  The team came out on top, coming 1st with some brilliant running, throwing and jumping, they have now qualified for the Sheffield Finals in January at the EIS

 Gymnastics Competition Nov 21st at Girls High
The Boys, mixed and Girls teams were entered for this event, each child had to do an individual routine, (girls with music) a vault and a group routine to music for their team.
Fantastic performances from all teams, with the Boys and Mixed team qualifying for the National Finals at Stoke on March 12.
Jess (girls) and Dylan (boys) each got the  primary award for top boy and girl overall.,  a magnificent effort. Excellent work by all

Indoor Athletics Newfield Nov 2015
After taking 22 boys and girls to Newfield to take part in the athletics they put in an enormous team effort and beat local rivals Carfield , Norton and Anns Grove to progress to the Westfield cluster round on Nov 25 at Ponds forge, brilliant , very proud of all the team

Girls football Oct /Nov 2015
The girls entered the Danone cup and have beaten Bradway, Dobcroft and St Maries to reach the Sheffield Finals, which were held at SWFC training ground, they came runners up and will now represent Sheffield in the South Yorks event on Nov 19 at Balby Carr

Football Y6 Oct 2015
Lots of games for 2 teams in the local league with draws, wins and losses and some more games still to play, both teams having some fantastic play
New Term 2015-16
Foundation Sports Day Jul 2015
Parents excited , children excited and even the Staff, fun and games for all, with the reception children having their 1st competitive sports day, doing running, skipping, throwing kicking a ball and even a car race at the end, the eventual winners were Chantrey

Orienteering Y4 Girls
A lovely day for the South Yorks finals at Clifton Park, all girls ran their hearts out and finished a repectable 5th.

Athletics Sheffield Finals Jun 2015
Brilliant performances from all Athletes and outstanding from our Daisy and George, with Daisy becoming Sheffield Champion at the 6oom and Girls Throwing, with George in 4th place for the 600m. Also a fantastic team performance from the Y5 relay coming in 3rd

Cricket Y5s Jun 2015
Both girls and boys through to the Sheffield Finals , a good day of training with Iain from Millhouses Cricket

Outdoor Athletics Cluster Round Jun 2015
24 Athletes taking part, all entering with the will to win but enjoying themselves whatever the result, we eventually got 10 children through to the Sheffield Finals at the end of June

Sports Day May 2015 at The EIS Sheffield
An eventful day with a full schedule of events  for KS1 in the morning and KS2 in the afternoon. A closely contested day with all children participating in field and track events, Mundella Red winning at KS1 and Chantrey Blue winning at KS2, Mr Shaw very happy

Sheffield Swimming Gala May 2015
An outstanding display of strength and teamwork by all Y3-6 to become Sheffield Runners Up, brilliant work

Orienteering May 2015
Y4 girls and boys entered this and the girls won and the boys came 3rd, so the girls will now represent Sheffield in the South Yorks Finals in July

Basketball Y5/6 x two teams
Lots of hard work and running about with both teams playing each other in the semi finals, coming eventually runners up and 3rd, good resilience and teamwork

Tennis May 2015
Well done to the Y3/4s for reaching the Sheffield Finals with some great rallies and team performance

South Yorks Finals Gymnastics and Cheerleading March 2015 at the EIS Sheffield
A mighty performance from the Y3/4 Gym girls ,Olivia, Jess, Izzy, Hannah and Sophie for winning South Yorks Gym 2 years in a row, the Y5/6 Gym and all the Cheerleaders coming in as runners up 

Football Y5s and Girls Feb/March 2015
Some wins losses and draws over the term for both sets of Football teams, withgames against Bradway, Greenhill, Anns Grove, Norton, Totley and Gleadless

Basketball Y4s Feb
A good afternoon of basketball, fun for all at All Saints School

Cheerleading Competition Jan 2015
Congratulations a great performance by all, Sheffield Champions and through to the South Yorkshire Finals

Gymnastics Team Milano Jan 2015
Well done to the Boys and Mixed team on reaching the schools National Finals in March 2015                      
Gymnastics Key Steps Jan 2015
Well done to all 4 teams of all Y3/4 and Y5/6, with 2 teams through to the South Yorks finals.

Sportshall Indoor Athletics-City Finals 14 January 2015
A very respectable 5th place in the Finals, with some superb running and brilliant team effort, well done for all the hard work 

Sportshall Indoor Athletics-Westfield Hub Round 6th January
Well done again to all Y5/6 athletes, a magnificent performance with 1st place over Hunters Bar, Halfway, Brookhouse, Mansell and Monteney. Now through to the City Finals

Sportshall Indoor Athletics-Local Cluster Round
A big congratulations to all the Y5/6 athletes who won this event, beating local rivals Carfield, Norton Free and Annes Grove. They are now through to the Westfield Hub final on Tues 6 January 2015, 4pm, at Ponds Forge

Boys Football
Forthcoming Matches
Monday 20 Oct at Norton Free- League Match---A valiant effort by all, conceding a goal from a corner in the last few minutes so losing 2-1 after James H equalising for Mundella

Wednesday 22 October at Brunswick- ESFA Danone Cup Matches--- A good competition, winning one game, drawing one and losing one, some very good football by all teams, with goals from James and Alex R and some fine saves by super goalie Thomas W

Girls Football Wed 15 Oct
The girls played their 1st game together v a good Greenhill side, keeping a clean sheet in the 1st half. They eventually lost 2-0, however a great team display from all the girls.