School Travel Plan

All schools are required to produce a Travel Plan which has to be submitted to the Local Authority.
A School Travel Plan is a written document which outlines a series of practical steps for improving children’s safety on the journey to and from school.
The plan should result in benefits for pupils, parents and the wider community: it should assist pupils and parents in identifying healthy and sustainable transport options and help to reduce the numbers of cars on the road at peak times. In addition it will contribute to the improvement of the environment around the school and the health of the children.

Included in our Travel Plan are our aims and objectives and an Action Plan to help us achieve these.


Aim: to embed and encourage awareness of healthy, safe and environmentally friendly travel.

Reduce traffic around the school entrance
Improve relationship with the immediate neighbours
Promote awareness of safety on the journey to and from school
Improve levels of health and fitness in staff and pupils


 What we have done so far:

Installed a parents’ waiting shelter in the playground
Set up a walking bus
Arranged for parking at the local pub
Parked staff cars off the road in Mundella Place
Participated in “Walk on Wednesday” scheme
Encouraged participation in events which aided healthy life styles eg Sport Relief
Included Road Safety awareness in our curriculum.


What we still have to do:

Increase the number of pupils who walk to school
Increase the number of staff who car share
Work with a small number of parents who persist in parking in Mundella Place and so put our children at risk
Introduce cycle training to our older pupils

Our Travel Plan is monitored by the Local Authority on an annual basis. We have to continue to demonstrate we are being pro-active in encouraging children to walk to school or use public transport.

Please work with us to ensure the safest environment for our children.

Thank you, H Bush, Head teacher




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