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About Us


A school which promotes respect and healthy living where everyone feels valued and able to reach their full potential.

Individual Responsibility

We make our own choices and understand the rewards or consequences of our own actions.

  • Individual jobs/roles within class and school
  • PSHCE – understanding emotions & how to manage them
  • Healthy Minds ethos - knowing who to go to when there is an issue or when things feel tough
  • Homework - choosing tasks, showcases and presentations
  • Lunchtime clubs for those in need
  • Sporting competitions and events
  • School newspaper – freedom of speech
  • BLP – independent learners, knowing a ‘good choice’
  • Daily routines e.g. choosing own meal choice
  • Choosing own learning
  • Rules to protect everyone
  • Extra- curricular clubs


We have a say in what happens in our school and our voices are heard.

  • Peer Mediators, Playground Friends, Sport leaders, Healthy Mind Champions,
  • School Council
  • Making rules as a community
  • Have their say - school council, P4C, worry boxes, playground friends, class voting, PSHCE discussions
  • Learning how to take turns and share resources
  • We learn how to work as a team to reach our goals
  • Conflict resolution within individual classes
  • Restorative Practice

Rule of Law

We understand why rules are important both in our school community and the wider world.

  • Close links with PCSO and local MP
  • Golden Rules
  • Praise and reward systems
  • Crucial Crew
  • Safeguarding policies
  • Learning about laws in our country, rights of children and individuals, personal safety within and out of school
  • E-safety and Anti-Bullying Days
  • Visits from the fire service
  • Bike Ability
  • Tailored topics - Civil Rights, Martin Luther King, Faith lessons

Mutual Repect

Mutual respect and Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and those without faiths. We aim to treat others as we would want to be treated and learn about those who are different to us.

  • Whole school assemblies with multi- faith visitors
  • Gold Award
  • Circle-time and ‘show and tell’
  • Annual Art Parade
  • RE sessions & days, multi-faith celebration days
  • High expectations of behaviour and manners
  • BLP – mutual respect
  • Current affairs and learning about the wider world