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The intention of the curriculum at Mundella is to provide opportunities forchildren to develop as independent, confident, successful learners with high aspirations. We want our children to achieve high standards in all areas of the curriculum so that they leave Mundella as well-rounded individuals who have achieved their full potential. We are passionate about raising the self-esteem of all our learners, ensuring that they are all well-prepared for life in modern Britain.

Our values are based around our five Rs (Respect, Resilience, Reflectiveness, Reciprocity and Resourcefulness) which are integral to the ethos of the school.

As a school, we are constantly reflecting on our practice and take account of educational research so that our children are given the very best opportunities to succeed.



We are still in the process of developing all curriculum areas. This will be ongoing work throughout this academic year. Whilst it is developed, we will continue to have a commitment to deliver an enjoyable and interesting curriculum which is designed to ensure coverage and progression. We want children to develop new skills whilst at the same time have the opportunity to consolidate things they have already learnt.

Our curriculum, whilst following the National Curriculum, is based around exciting and interactive activities. Children are encouraged to have input into the direction of their own learning and are asked what they would like to learn about at the beginning of each topic. We regularly start a subject at the start of each term with a visit or engagement activity.

We value the importance of learning outside the classroom and aim to achieve this as much as possible. Throughout our curriculum areas, we share our learning with parents and the community, through the use of Twitter, Class Assemblies and Parents’ Mornings.


At Mundella, the primary focus of our curriculum is to develop successful, independent and collaborative learners who take pride in their achievements. By the time children leave us at the end of Key Stage 2, they are well rounded learners who are prepared for their next steps in education.

The structure of our curriculum ensures that children are given the opportunities to deepen knowledge and understanding across the curriculum in a progressive way, therefore enabling them to achieve in their learning. Outcomes for pupils at our school exceed those of their national counterparts.

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